dairy free (df), gluten free (gf), vegan (vg), vegetarian (vt)
(*) means it is gluten free, vegan or vegetarian ON REQUEST

pancakes $19 / half serve $10

gf, vt, vg*
almond & chia buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, lemon myrtle infused labne & lemon maple syrup

granola $18 / half serve $10
df, vg, vt

pistachio, pecan, puffed millet granola with davidson plum coconut yoghurt & fresh seasonal fruit

toast with butter or nuttelex $4

sourdough toast · gluten free toast · sourdough fruit toast · gluten free fruit toast
+vegemite · honey $3
+house made raspberry jam · house made wattleseed nut butter


eggs on toast $12

fried, poached or scrambled with your choice of bread

sourdough: seed & sprout · casalinga   gluten free: buckwheat & chia · quinoa & soy

fritters $18 / half serve $10
gf, vt*, df*

black quinoa & zucchini fritters with dill cream cheese, smoked salmon & fried baby capers
     +poached egg $3

smashed avo $19 / half serve $10

df*, ef*, gf*, vg*, vt
avo & danish feta on seeded sourdough with mini tomatoes & beetroot puree
     +poached egg $3

omelette $18

gf, vt
asparagus, grilled broccolini, herb pesto with toasted pine nuts & a parmesan crisp
      +toast $2

vegan bowl $18
df*, gf*, vg*, vt
brown rice, pickled red cabbage, roast carrots & avocado zucchini with crunchy chickpeas & sprouts 
         +poached egg $3
         +smoked salmon $4.5


extra toast · tomato chilli chutney extra $2 each

danish feta · extra egg · grilled asparagus · goats cheese extra $3 each

roasted herbed mushrooms · sautéed spinach · slow roasted tomatoes extra $3 each

bacon · salmon· smashed avocado · salmon extra $4.5 each

Kids menu

pancake with jam or maple syrup $10
poached egg with vegemite toast soldiers $10


Our lunch cabinet features some delicious takeaway or dine-in options such as toasted sandwiches, salads, frittatas & savoury tarts that change daily and are available until sold out.

salad $8.5 / $11
vegetarian frittata $7.5 / with side salad $13
meat frittata $8.5 / with side salad $14
filo pastry tart $8.5 / with side salad $14

sausage roll $10

toasties $6.5 - $12.50


14c Gilbert Road

Preston, VIC 3072

0437 124 501


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