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Soup of the day (VT)                                                $8

salad of the day (vT, GF)                                          $8

mushroom risotto arancini(vT)                                $10

falafel with tahini sauce (vT,DF)                              $8

potato croquettes with house mayo                      $10


Lemon tomato chicken rice with peas and carrot                                                                 $15

Seasonal vegetables frittata (VT)                    $7.5

Roasted Pumpkin with feta risoni (VT)            $12

Rice pilaf with nuts and dried fruit(VT, GF*)    $15


Brownie of the day(GF)                                              $4

Choc chip cookies                                                      $4  Fruit tarts                                                                     $4

lemon coconut bliss ball                                            $4

Saffron rice pudding with cinnamon and nuts (VT, DF, GF)                                                                                $8

About Family pack dinner

We are here to give you experience of love and joy  in this very special time! We hope this pack can bring a very enjoyable family time to your home.

As we can't have dine-in charity events (according to COVID 19 restrictions), Miss Margaret is donating 5% of each order to CARE Australia and have a virtual fund raising event on Facebook page. You can help us with this great cause through our FB page.

About ordering

Pre-order is required at least 24 hours- 1 day before.

You can text your order to 0437124 501 or send us message on our website

You will receive confirmation.

Minimum ordering is $50. Free delivery is available in the area after 5pm.

Pick up available between 3 pm to 4 pm.

Best Desert

14c Gilbert Road

Preston, VIC 3072

0437 124 501


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